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Welcome to toum.com! We Report All Debts.

Toum .com is an international debt reporting website.

Whereas other debt reporting websites are generally country specific, Toum.com has no boundaries, As people trade goods and services internationally, if you are using country specific websites, you can only find out if a client or company has no bad debts in that country, With Toum.com if someone has a bad debt in one country, and you are trading in a different country, you can easily find out if they are a Bad Debtor by doing a search on Toum.com

Does someone owe you money?

If someone owes you money, they can seriously affect your cash flow, if you don’t get paid for your goods or services, then you will have difficulty replenishing your stock or paying other employees or contractor. Bad debts can affect the expansion of your business and therefore stop you making more money, through no fault of your own. Court Judgements etc. only appear in public for a limited time, with Toum.com the debt is listed for 7 years

Get peace of mind. File a debt report on Toum.com, you might be surprised at how quickly your debt is settled.

Have your Debts been reported?

Have you forgotten to pay a supplier, if that is the case you may be listed on Toum.com

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"Someone owed me $100,000, when I reported him on www.toum.com he paid me within 7 days! "